Milaca Youth Football Association

If you are interested in coaching or helping with a team please contact us at

Coaches will be able to utilize the website to view videos of plays, view plays give by Kevin Armburst (Milaca Varsity Football Coach)

  Coaches Information:


**All coaches are required to get a background check through the district office.  Cost for this is $10 and it needs to be done once every 5 years.**


Keep it simple!   Be a teacher, the best coaches are teachers with whistles.  POSITIVE METHODS ONLY!!!!

It is best to spend most of your practice time on basic fundamentals and skill development. The practice plans for the first 8 practices will be planned out for each coach, the coaches are responsible for practice plans after that.

Scheming is a fun part of the game but introduced too early, kids will depend on using the easy way out instead of technique, solid fundamentals and execution. The team that blocks and tackles best will usually win.

Daily Talks With Team: Emphasize sportsmanship, integrity, humility, responsibility, intensity and discipline.

Practice Plans: Be organized. Plan every practice before you get on the field. Establish a routine for your practices and drills. Eliminate standing around. Must have multiple drills going at all times. Include “fun” activities to break-up the routine.

Games: Be prepared. Organize lineups for playing time requirements, injuries, etc. Be positive!!! It is all about the kids. Let them play and have fun.


Getting Started

Know and follow ECYFL  Rules, and Guidelines. (Updated this year)

Contact players and parents within two days of receiving your team roster to let them know they are assigned to your team.

Help find assistant coaches and meet to determine assignments, responsibilities, etc.

Schedule and plan a parent meeting (before the first practice).

Prepare team season schedule including dates and times for games, practices, events, etc. and distribute to parents at parent meeting (Calendar Creator, Works Calendar, etc. work very well).