Milaca Youth Football Association


~Raffle Tickets~

We will be selling raffle tickets again this year.   This has been our only fundraiser for the last few years. We ask that each player sells a small amount of raffle tickets.  Fundraising helps keep the cost down for Milaca Youth Football and it also helps fund new equipment needed to run our football program.  Thank you for your participation!

~ Concessions~

With games being on our varsity field we will have access to the concession stands.  We are asking for parent volunteers during the games on Saturday mornings.  All money raised will be going to update our jerseys.


If you are unable to pay, please email the board at   Assistance may be available for part of your registration fee at the board's discretion.

If you are interested in sponsoring in whole or part, a child who is unable to pay, please email us at